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Strength Training for Women Registration


We believe you would be a great fit for our Weightlifting for Women Program and we invite you to register for the upcoming session!

The program will run for 6 weeks beginning on Monday, October 30th and meet three times a week at the posted times (see below). Workouts will vary each day, and will be able to be completed within an hour. No weightlifting experience is necessary, as this program is specifically designed for newbies and intermediate trainees. Like all of our programs, movements and loads will be scaled to each participant’s individual capacity.

Our Goals Include:
  • Get comfortable with barbell weight training
  • Discover your true strength capacity
  • Push your personal limits
  • Build camaraderie and friendships with like minded women
  • Train in a friendly, supportive, and fun environment

The full cost of the program is $199. Registration is below.