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Are We There Yet?

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WOD for Saturday 072311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
KB Snatch
— Rest–
In teams of two, with only one partner working at any time, complete a total of:
150 Wall Ball Shots (20/12)
1200m Relay Run with Med Ball (20/12)
100 Burpees

Post Team Time to Comments
For the workout, your team must complete each movement before moving on to the next.  The 1200m Relay Run should be split into 400m segments alternating partners).  The Wall Ball and Burpees can be broken up any way you choose, but both partners must complete at least a few reps of each.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT today at 9am with Coach Paul!
For time:
Row 10 cal
Run 200m
Rest 1 min
Row 20 cal
Run 200m
Rest 1 min
Row 30 cal
Run 200m
Rest 1 min
Row 40 cal
Run 200m
Rest 1 min
Run 800m

Good Wall Ball “How-To” from LaLanne Fitness

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