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December Programming Update


December Programming Update

We’re making a few adjustments to our programming over the next 5 weeks!   We will be slightly changing the format of all of our classes so that we can give you more time for heavy lifting, while also spending even more time on developing and fine tuning all those skills that can be elusive and frustrating for many of us.  

Strength programming will be based on the Max Effort Black Box model we have used successfully in the past.  You can read more about the method here.  We will continue to use the first part of class on Saturdays and Sundays as make up time for any strength or skill segment you miss during the week.  Additionally, we will be doing Benchmark “Girl” WODs on Saturdays and Partner/Team Workouts on Sundays.

Heavy movements through the first week of the New Year will be:[list type=”check”]

  • Hang Power Clean
  • Back Squat
  • Press
  • Power Snatch
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press


Upcoming Benchmark WODs:[list type=”check”]

  • “Nancy” – Saturday, 12/13
  • “Christine” – Saturday, 12/20
  • “Jackie” – Saturday, 12/27
  • “Helen” – Saturday, 1/3/15


Looking forward to everyone’s continued progress!  If you have any questions feel free to ask your Coaches or email Dave.

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