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Hybrid Training

Interested in Hybrid Training?

This program is designed to help you make the strength and technical gains in your Olympic Lifts you want while also maintaining (and even improving) your ability to crush Crossfit WODs regularly.  The program includes 2 days a week of Olympic lifting and accessory work created to make you stronger and better and moving a barbell in CrossFit. The program will continuously evolve and progress over time so you won’t get stuck or bored. Included with your program is access to our platform area during regular Weightlifting Team training hours, as well as supervision and coaching from our Weightlifting coaches.

Anyone who wants to improve their Olympic Lifts or get more proficient at moving barbells during WODs. We will also train bodyweight strength to help you gain the strength needed for gymnastics movements as well.  If you love to participate in CrossFit Competitions but tend to get held back by the heavier WODs or heavier loads in workouts then this program will be perfect for you.
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