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Schedule Alert and Reservations


Schedule Alert and Reservations

Beginning MONDAY, APRIL 14th, in an effort to continue to provide the best possible training environment for all of our athletes and coaches, we will be changing our evening WOD schedule. 

Regular CrossFit WODs will be held at: 4:30/5:30/6:30/7:30pm

To go along with our new WOD schedule, beginning the same day, April 14th, we will be requiring all athletes to register in advance and reserve a spot in the WOD they’d like to attend each day.  
We recognize that this is a big change from the way we’ve operated over the last several years, but firmly believe this is the best way to control class sizes, grow our schedule, and, most importantly, enhance your workout at CFD each day. 
You will be able to reserve your WOD spot up to 14 days in advance.  Scheduling will be possible through the CFD website (schedule link), Facebook (schedule link), and through our brand new smartphone app (see post).  Coaches will check everyone in at the start of each class during the “Whiteboard Intros”.  If you no show for a class for which you’ve registered, you will be charged for your visit (if you’re on a limited membership) or do many, many, many burpees (if you’re on an unlimited membership) as penance. 

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