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WOD for 040418


WOD for 040418

3 Position Power Clean
Coaches Note: Spend time breaking up some of the soreness (Foam Roller, Couch Stretch)

3 Position Power Clean:
3-position clean: High Hang, Hang, Floor
Example for the 2’s: High Hang, Hang, Floor, High Hang, Hang, Floor (Don’t let go)
Example for the 1’s: High Hang, Hang, Floor

Coaches note: Advise plenty of rest B/W Sets 🙂
–Don’t use more than 80% of your Hang Clean as you Progress

3 Rounds for time:
7 Hang Clean and Jerks
50 Double Unders

Goal= Sub 11 minutes

L1: 185/135, DUs
L2: 135/95, DUs
L3: 95/65, 1/2 attempts (+) 1/2 singles
L4: Double DB Hang C&J, Singles (No Ratio)

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