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WOD for 120417


WOD for 120417

Segment 1 (Warmup):
6 minute AMRAP (at a moderate pace)
Have your athletes break up into partners.
Partner 1 is stationed on one side of the gym and partner 2 is on the opposite side.
The clock begins on your count and partner 1 does 6 air squats as quickly as possibly while partner 2 holds a plank.
Partner 2 is only allowed to come out of plank once they are tagged by partner 1 who has to run all the way across the gym upon completion of the air squats to tag in their partner.

Segment 2:
Front squat
3-3-3-3-3 reps

Segment 3:
10 Rounds for Time
10 C2B Pullups (S1: Pullups S2: Banded)
150m Sprint

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