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WOD for 121917


WOD for 121917

Segment 1 (warmup):
30 Plate Hops
15 Sumo Stance Reaching Ground to Overhead w/ Plate
5 Traveling Inchworm (1-3 pushups each rep)
10 ea. T Spine Rotations (in the lunge position)
10 Cat/Cows
In pairs, 1 athlete at a time, then switch
100 meters- Upper Body only
100 meters-Legs only
100 meters- All Together

Segment 2:
Rowing Intervals
With a partner
5x 500/400 meters @ RPE 7
Rest as long as it takes your partner to complete the work
Goal is consistent times across all efforts, no sprints

Segment 3:
3 sets, not for time:
Rest as needed to complete sets unbroken
10 sec Hollow Body Hold
10 V ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 Hollow Rocks

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